About us

CANDIDE is a technical outerwear, apparel and accessory brand that redefines the rules. Brainchild of Candide Thovex - one of freeskiing’s most creative, uncompromising and unconventional individuals - the collections are sustainably crafted by passionate professionals who bring Candide’s unique vision for timeless style, optimal function, and high-level performance to life.

CANDIDE aspires to create products that empower riders, embodying feelings of exhilaration, liberty and inspiring creativity without limitation. CANDIDE is available globally online and at the CANDIDE STORE in La Clusaz, France.

About the products

Concept & Design

The CANDIDE collection is a testament functionality, performance, and sustainable quality. Every item was conceptualized, designed, and pieced together in close collaboration with Candide Thovex. With a lifetime of experience on the snow and working with a handful of passionate professionals in their fields, Candide’s mission was to offer something different to the market, keeping a few key directives in mind. In an era of overdesigned product, Candide wanted to take things back to the essentials. In that sense, he followed a top down approach, to get rid of the unnecessary. This resulted in concepts that would answer those needs, designed with timeless appeal and produced with the utmost respect for the environment.


CANDIDE’s production process is no different. Keeping their values at the forefront of the production process, the brand has carefully selected world-renown partners that can bring its vision to life while combining quality and durability with ethical purpose.

Our materials

The Candide collection is crafted with key words in mind: durable performance. CANDIDE’s approach to durability is a reflection of the longevity we wish to achieve with snow sports in their environment. To minimize our environmental impact, we work with organic, recycled and reused fabrics, and align our production process with these principles. With that in mind, we focus on performance and feel, to offer high-quality, comfortable product providing total freedom of movement.

Bio-based Polyester
We are proud to work with Bio PET polyester materials, made from crystalized sugar cane extracts which are transformed into Bio Green materials. This process has 25% less CO2 emissions. 57% Bio Green; 43% recycled polyester.
PRIMALOFT® Insulation
Elevated comfort in the face of extreme conditions, Primaloft insulators protect against extreme cold and stifling heat and are ideal for variable mountain weather conditions... Millions of air pockets form a thermal blockade, locking out the discomfort of harsh temperatures. Designed for longevity, Primaloft Insulators are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and are flexible, waterproof and lightweight.
POLARTECH™ Synthetic Fleece
Premium polyester yarns made of 100% recycled PET plastic are used for their hydrophobic properties, to repel moisture and to quicken dry times. The lofted structures create thermal air pockets to retain warmth, and still allow optimal breathability. Polartec® synthetic fleece is the most dependable, versatile fleece fabric around.
Lighter Merino wool with greater strength, recovery and durability. Global Merino works with development partners that create a durable and breathable yarn that has a nylon core yarn encased in 100% wool fibers. This gives fabrics the durability of synthetic fibers with the properties of Merino Wool.
Organic Cotton & Recycled Polyester
For the rest of our fabrics, we only use organic cottons and recycled polyesters, to minimize as much as possible our environmental impact.

About Candide Thovex

Candide Thovex is seen by his peers as one of the best skiers of his time. For Candide, skiing is an escape, a constant connection with mother nature, and a way for him to express his creativity. Born and raised in La Clusaz, France, Candide started skiing at the age of 2. From early on, Candide introduced his vision, level, and creativity to freestyle skiing, inspired by snowboarding.

His unique approach and style instantly and continuously set new standards, introducing a world of possibilities to skiers around the globe. Candide kept pushing the limits in everything that he did, from ground-breaking videos, world firsts and global events.

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