Asked Questions

Where can I find your products in a physical store?
When can I expect an item out of stock it to be restocked?
What are the products made of?
What is the difference between regular 2L Jacket and a 3L Jacket?
What are the different technologies used in CANDIDE products?
When will I receive the tracking link of my order
Can I buy a CANDIDE gift card from your website?
Where can I find my order number?
Do you cover duty fees if any?
How can I follow the delivery of my order?
Do you deliver every country in the world?
From where my order will be shipped?
What delivery service do you offer?
How many days before I receive my order?
How long does the return process take?
How long does it take to see the refund on my bank account?
Can I exchange an item for a different one of the same/different price?
Can I return my items after using them?
What is the process for returning an item?
What is your return policy?
Is there a warranty on the CANDIDE products?
Does the warranty policy only concerns products bought from the website or also from a shop?
Which products are concerned by the 5 year repair warranty?
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